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7/10 Mythic  Nighthold now and pushing for  more !

Ferox imperator is a friendly and fun casual raiding guild with mythic raid progression being our goal. We have  7/10 Nighthold Mythic progressing on Tichondrius atm and close to a kill, 7/7 mythic in EN and 2/3 mythic  in ToV. We also have cleared all WoD content on mythic. We love to have a laugh and joke but always get more serious and kill bosses.
Raiding three nights a week (Wednesday, Thursday and Monday - 20.00-23.00ST) extra raiding schedule notably during patch release and for alts is optional but encouraged.

Recruitment: To ensure stable raid roster we require 2-3 quality active players.

Priority - Hunter, Shadow Priest, Boomkin & Mage

We always  will make an exception for good players so dont be put off form applying if u dont see your class listed above if you think your good enough make and application and we can go from there.
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